Prices & Services

Resolve-Rx is a fee-for-service, out of network practice, except for Medicare. We are currently awaiting approval to begin seeing Medicare beneficiaries. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, please call us at (954) 864-1844. If you have private insurance, payment for services are due at the time of service. Please visit our FAQ to read more about why we are a fee-for-service practice.

Pain Free Performance Plans

Initial Evaluation & Treatment Plan Development: $90*

Follow Up: $90*

This is for an active adult with a PAIN or PERFORMANCE issue. If you are in pain, we will figure out why and come up with a plan to get you back to normal training. If you’re not in pain but having trouble with progressing in the gym, want to solve your mobility problems, or have any other issue related to physical performance, this is the service to choose.

If you complete your consultation and we can’t help you, then your consultation is FREE.

Video Lift Analysis + Exercise Programming

Detailed analysis + custom exercise programming to address problems: $75

This is for anyone looking for help with a specific lift. Have pain every time you do a deadlift or push press? Struggling to get a PR? Or wondering why every WOD with barbell cycling feels impossible? This can help.

You’ll get a comprehensive analysis of ONE key lift of your choice. We will identify technique issues that may be contributing to your pain or performance complaint, and prescribe key exercises to address them.

This service is specific to any key olympic or powerlifting movements. If you are looking for a comprehensive program to recover from injury or address overall health and performance, please book a custom pain and performance assessment.

Women’s Health Exercise Programming

Consultation + Custom Program: Starting at $199/month

You must have access to a webcam and the ability to use Zoom call. Jocelyn will reach out to you with further details and what to expect after scheduling.

This appointment is for any woman who has undergone a myomectomy or hysterectomy and wants to return to lifting heavy stuff safely and effectively. The cost includes the virtual consultation AND a custom exercise program to get you back to your goals.

This includes video instruction for exercises, regular checkins to ensure you’re making progress, and access to an app where you can track your workouts and fitness goals.

We offer Sliding Scale rates. If cost is a barrier to care, please email for information about rates and application process.

We believe this is how healthcare should be practiced and are committed to excellence not only in the care we deliver but in the community we help to care for.

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