We help athletes and active adults get out of pain and stay in the gym, even if they feel like they’ve already tried everything.

What Clients Say

“I had herniated [cervical] disks and was in so much pain that I was in bed for three weeks before going for an MRI… once I chose to go to physical therapy… within a week my condition improved drastically, within a month I was able to return to martial arts. Jocelyn was incredible.

M.K., 40-something Jiu Jitsu Athlete & Fitness Athlete

“I no longer have any back or tailbone pain. As a result, I have my first work out program which she took the time to personalize for me, I am eager to start.

A.D., 20-something Fitness Athlete & Outdoor Enthusiast

“Dr. Jocelyn got me from back pain when I ran or deadlifted 135 pounds to zero back pain while running, deadlifting, 550 lbs and squatting 475lbs. She is amazing at what she does. Rest is not the answer!!

M.S., 120+ kg, gold medalist competitive powerlifter & Crossfit athlete

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8 Weeks to a High Performance Shoulder for Overhead Lifting

The Pelvic Floor: Separating Fact from Fiction Webinar


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