Fit with Fibroids

You are not alone.

You’re struggling to find a routine. You tried the bootcamps, the DVDs and the boutique gyms.

You can’t keep up the way you want to. You’re out of breath, embarrassed, and the coaches don’t understand.

You’re tired of worrying you’ll get blood all over the gym.

You don’t know what exercises are safe to do, or even how to do them.

You just want to feel strong, capable, and in control again.

Let me say it again… you are not alone.

I went through it, I’m still going through it, and that’s why I created Fit with Fibroids. I want to help women overcome all of these problems and more. Even more than that, I want to bring them together.

I felt alone, I know you probably do too, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

I have a solution for you.

The Community

Fit with Fibroids is a community for women who have fibroids and value fitness. By committing to the program, you’ll gain access to this small, private supportive group (on Facebook), for a LIFETIME!

The Program

Fit with Fibroids is an exercise program, designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and fitness coach. It’s designed to give you results, even if you have fibroids.

Do you want to feel in control of your body again? This program will help.

Do you want to get fit and improve body composition without group fitness classes that hurt or make you feel insecure, because you can’t keep up or feel more comfortable going at your own pace? This program will help.

The program is updated weekly and based on your fitness goals and current ability level. It includes daily mobility work to help you feel free in your body again and five days of workouts.

The Process

After you enroll, you’ll have a one-on-one video call with Jocelyn. During this call, you will discuss your goals, medical history, exercise history, and do a fitness assessment. Within 24 hours from the call, you will receive access to your program and the Fit with Fibroids group.

Your program will exist in an application which you can download to your cellphone for free. You will have access to video demonstrations and have daily access to Jocelyn to ask questions, submit videos for form review, and weekly updates to ensure you keep making progress.

Fit with Fibroids is $199/month.

Ready to sign up? Book your intro call.

Still have questions? Text me: (954) 864-1844

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